Meet The Team

Joseph Askren
CEO and Co-Founder

Samuel Bailey
President and Co-Founder

Adam Cooper

Adam Cooper
Chief Trading Officer

Elliot Russell
Chief Strategy Officer.

Ronnie Butler
Chief Revenue Officer

Erik Wright
Trading Advisor

Pierre Bennett
Community Manager

Claudia Flint
Customer Support

Mina Kaluzny new

Mina Kaluzny
Media Management

Our Partners

We are proud of our partners and only work with the very best.


CryptoInvest Ltd is the first fully licensed investment platform registered in Iceland. We are an association of a large number of professional traders with many years of experience. We believe that we are the leading investment platform in the cryptocurrency sphere. We are working in one group to achieve higher performance of private cryptocurrency investments.

Our team has done huge research in their field and they have significantly expanded their activities by including Ethereum and Ripple into the investment plans. Actually, in the process of trading cryptocurrency, a very important and significant role is assigned to the professional outsourcing companies. They give us the depth research and analysis reports. After that, We check the reports and start making the best use of it.

Similarly, expensive information about market changes that have appeared as a result of current economic and political events. All this is happening during all the time of our energetic activity on deals or trades. We have dedicated increased and continue to work on increasing the volume of trade transactions and the level of liquidity of each of them.

For instance, More financial opportunities will be used to improve the performance of our trading appliance protocol. The development of new strategies and investment opportunities, and the introduction of clever technologies to improve the quality of our available services. We know how cryptocurrency trading works best that’s why a large number of investors trust us with their funds.

In conclusion, We used to increase our working amount through cooperation with private investors. Therefore, We invite everyone who wants to become our financial partners so that they can invest their own funds in our risk free and growing platform. We invite everyone to invest in our highly profitable cryptocurrency plans. Those cryptocurrency plans are carried out by top experts in their field of activity. You might know that the cryptocurrency is making its own demand and increasing at its best.